Rick & Megan Toscano


With decades of experience, my husband Rick has mastered many skills that he has become very passionate about. From welding, to industrial sewing, to building a masterpiece from  scrap materials laying around the shop, he is a true talent and treats each project as if it were his own. He is the epitome of a "craftsman". Over the years, I've learned there really isn't anything he can't do. Whether its building wood cabinets, or welding steel plates, or fabricating grand piano shells, or even industrial sewing, he can do it and do it well. He genuinely loves working in the shop and having the ability to build and create one-off pieces that people appreciate and showcase in their homes. He is, without a doubt, a fabrication monster.

As for me, I have always enjoyed anything crafty. Whether it's wreath making, interior decorating, baking, or painting, if it involves being creative and hands-on, I'm doing it. After 10 years in multi-family property management,  I finally jumped ship and made the move to join my husband. Reluctant at first, being these were simply hobbies of mine, it took the push and encouragement of my supportive husband to finally get the courage to embark on this new journey with him. In doing so, I've learned that some of the best things in life come from stepping outside your comfort zone. 

So fast forward a few years and here we are today... a husband & wife team of visionary, artistic craftsmen that are proud to have a shop that can do just about anything you need! 


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